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# SQUIC for Python
SQUIC is a second-order, L1-regularized maximum likelihood method for performant large-scale sparse precision matrix estimation. This repository contains the source code for the Python(v3) interface of SQUIC.
**For an interactive session using SQUIC see Google Colab:**
**For an interactive session using SQUIC for Python see Google Colab:**
[![SQUIC for Python](](
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ Y = np.linalg.solve(L.T,np.random.randn(p,n))
[X,W,info_times,info_objective,info_logdetX,info_trSX] =,l)
For further details type ``help(SQUIC)``.
## Publications & References
Please cite our publications if it helps your research:
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